Flexible Commercialization Support

Lumina offers customized solutions designed to scale with your needs, powered by the principles of sound data, novel strategy, flawless execution and continuous improvement.

When you are looking to supplement your team’s expertise and capacity to increase the velocity of success across the product lifecycle, our advisors will bring different perspectives to challenge the status quo, introduce innovative ideas to drive performance, provide management support for efficiency, and partner on execution to ensure peak performance.

Our industry experts are committed to uncovering new opportunities for your brand and providing you with practical, actionable, and creative solutions that accelerate revenue. With the patient as the focus, we collaborate with you to uncover your brand’s points of influence for you to optimize engagement with all relevant stakeholders to increase brand profitability.

See the results we’ve delivered for our clients.


Lumina is quickly becoming a valued outsourced market access organization powered by our ability to execute and deliver results. Our fractional market access executives excel in the management, strategy, and effective delivery of initiatives across disciplines and operate as an extension of your team to ensure your vision is achieved. We can serve in access strategy, marketing, training, patient services, and account management roles.

When our clients grapple with market uncertainty, leveraging our fractional access executives offers significant benefits, including scalability as business needs evolve. Our trusted relationships enable us to engage top payer decision-makers more frequently than most in-house account teams and we apply our market intelligence and rich experience to bring credibility to access discussions across stakeholders, elevating both your brand and your organization’s reputation.

See the results we’ve delivered for our clients.


Our team believes that fully understanding the landscape and leveraging ongoing market intelligence is the cornerstone for success. We offer full-service market research capabilities and use both traditional and proprietary research techniques, including on demand surveys and AI-driven analytics for just-in-time insight and clarity.

We customize every engagement to capture and distill the relevant information from key decision-makers that you need to inform successful strategies. While most life sciences companies focus on patients, providers, and large PBMs and health plans, Lumina also engages with actively employed access influencers from emerging PBMs, specialty pharmacies, insurers, coalitions, employers, and various other industry voices, so that we can provide a comprehensive point-of-view to our clients.

See the results we’ve delivered for our clients.


Lumina can be your lead creative partner, providing you with both strategic guidance and promotional resource development delivered seamlessly through one point of contact. Our model allows us to engage and operationalize throughout the marketing and communications process rapidly and effectively without unnecessary steps, layers, and costs. By providing full-service, integrated solutions, we ensure that strategies are actionable and tactical deliverables are aligned – eliminating inefficiencies while driving consistency and optimal results.


A plan is only as effective as those who are executing it on the front lines in customer interactions. Our training leads know the power of engagement and how to harness it for actionable strategies that produce measurable results. We believe it is critical to constantly elevate your team’s knowledge and skills to remain relevant, and our learning and development curriculums are designed in collaboration with you to specifically address your challenges.


Our Lumina team is excited to introduce you to Peek. Peek is designed to improve patient access and affordability for prescription drugs. It is a game-changing prescription shopping solution that aggregates cash discount programs and integrates the consumers’ insurance coverage all into one platform for a complete view of personalized cost options, enabling significant patient cost savings.

Our life sciences customers are using Peek to offer employers and patients a more cost-effective way to access their therapies for improved health outcomes, and our team is thrilled to help them lead this market revolution. Visit peekmeds.com to learn more or meet with us today.